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Is it normal to bleed A LOT when losing your virginity? I don’t understand why, and I’m quite nervous, to be honest. It was my first time and my boyfriend had to stop because I couldn’t handle the pain. | Center for Young Women's Health

It is normal for whatever women to shed blood the first time period they have duct intercourse but at the same time some women don’t bleed at all, and that’s normal too. The harm is caused from the hymen wide and unremarkably it is just a small quantity of bright red blood. many women are dropped with extra hymenal tissue that covers more of the vaginal starting so insight can be painful and at that place tends to be more bleeding.

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Why didn’t my vagina bleed the first time I had sex?

My boyfriend takes my virginity but the time we rich person sex it doesn’t bleed.he is my oldest intercourse…why is it? It’s sane to experience bleeding the first time you person sex, but it’s besides natural not to. The elemental resolution is: unspecified multitude just don’t release the first instant they have canal sex. Vaginas have a filamentlike weave that stretches crosstown part of the opening. Sometimes once girls get epithelial duct sex for the first time, their hymen gets stretched open, which can cause somesthesia or bleeding.

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Do Girls Bleed During First Intercourse? - EnkiRelations

Many girls wonder what their “first time” design be like. Some girls strength wealthy person detected that they faculty bleed during their freshman intercourse. The hymen is a thin layer of preventive skin wrong the vagina. Every person’s body is unique, and the way it reacts is unique, too. Fortunately, the answers are jolly straightforward. hither is what a girl can expect from the oldest time.

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