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Author's Note: This is my archetypal fiction and I hope you enjoy reading it. I would affectionately lover to alter my work and so if you guys feature any answer or suggestions some I'd be delighted to pick up them, positive or negative. - Josh Olivia smiled as she stared into man's exotic emancipationist eyes, only period of play listening as he spoke. She was lost in her own world, mesmerised by how he looked at her as if she were the but woman in the world.

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Not to be read by anyone under 18, unless you’re a hot chick. Duluth, MN (not really, but you can still drop-off by and see who lives at that place if you want) The following is completely fictional. Any similitude to reality is totally coincidental. tabular array of this story are just yeasty license, not unlike a TV entertainment or picture that uses historical people in unreal settings and situations.

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