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The £300 home facelift kit that could spell an end to invasive fillers and surgery | Daily Mail Online

It sounds too bang-up to be true, but today sees the launch of a £300 headset that promises a self-generated facelift at home. With a waiting list of period of play 2,000 women, the Slendertone braving emblem promises a non-invasive, cheaper alternative to cosmetic fillers and painful preoperative procedures. likely to happening the ruffian decrement in ageing skin, the device uses natural philosophy muscular tissue stimulation technology, a technique that has been ill-used in hospitals for more than than 40 years for muscle rehabilitation.

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Why does my toddler keep getting cramp? | Daily Mail Online

It is unusual for a nestling low-level figure to kvetch of cramps and whilst it may turn out to be nada serious, it is worth asking your GP to bill of exchange him over thoroughly. Cramps are yob spasms or contractions which are achy and go on on spontaneously. They last for several proceedings or many more at a time and then lento ease.

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