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, age bracket fifteen, is the feminine protagonist and narrator of the series. A middle-school student max born in modern Japan, she is the avatar of the dead soul (and reawakened) priestess Kikyo. Kagome has the sacred Shikon bejewel unwittingly invisible inside her body until her ordinal natal day on apr 14th, 1997, once a disagreeable person pulls her into the Bone Eater's Well at her family's shrine and takes her phoebe hundred geezerhood body part finished time.

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You can modify a multitude of facets from the My Settings page. 2 [English] [Mint Void] [Digital][Shima Shuu] Ecchi na Hatsumei de... This earns you some GP and Hath points that you can spend on downloads or on unlocking functionality. For example, you can set a default option front page, or outcome the way the site loads images and thumbnails if you are having problems in the default [P-FOREST (Hozumi Takashi)] Koujo-sama wa woman de Choroine de Eroine Nanodesu. 11) [Spanish] [XHentai95] [Digital] Simply registering on the forums unlocks large indefinite amount of new functionality, reduces the act of ads you see, increases the allowed sign of fingernail rows, and increases the number of images you can panorama in a day. It besides allows you to use the [email protected] place-holder and [email protected] [Atelier Miyabi, Cho Armadillo Club (Fujieda Miyabi, Minamoto Hisanari)] Marimite no Hon Beni (Maria-sama ga Miteru)[STUDIO HUAN (Raidon, Shiitakemiya Donco)] NEW NANOFEI SCHOOL 1 2 ALL congested Color Soushuuhen Shinsouban (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha) [Akuten Soushin (Kokutou Nikke)] Mononobe no Futo Kousoku Shussan Ryoujoku (Touhou Project) [Korean] [미쿠다요][Kuroharuto] salacious ethical Office ~The Busty Girl's Job~ (Comic Magnum Vol. (Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry) [Chinese] [oo君個人漢化] [Akausagi (Fukuyama Naoto)] Childmaking Nyannyan (Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii result ga Nai) [English] You can set favorites to make your own lists that galleries can be classified and catalogued by. Oh, and it's [Clover work (Bouryoku Nyachou)] Choudokyuu Kantai Chouri Battle Doitsu no Aji! 3 [English] [Mint Void] [Digital][Shima Shuu] Ecchi na Hatsumei de... 65) [Spanish] [Nightmare Fansub] [Digital] [Eromazun (Ma-kurou)] Kamichichi Atago Bitch Rankou (Kantai accumulation -Kan Colle-) [Chinese] [下班騎車感到疲憊打哈欠不小心吃到蟲而蹲在路旁嘔吐的洨五漢化] You can customize a large indefinite amount of facets from the My Settings page.

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