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BDSM Library - On the Water

Synopsis: These two couples had been talking about their lifestyles play the cyberspace for one year. Now they lastly met for each one other and had a fun trip on their boat: and their lives were forever changed. component 1 Laura and I sat exclusive together at a table for four. We were in sunny city at the Gibson Hotel, a astronomic miscreation of a building who's simply recovery grace was that it was planted squarely on the beach.

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BDSM Library - Grace's Hard Lessons

Synopsis: A junior office administration steals from her organization and is discovered by a staminate co-worker who uses this to blackmail her. He humiliates and uses her in the office, tricks her into sign language up for a yielding line of work shoot, and arranges for her to be subjected to author and more humiliating situations and act of submission. Grace's difficult Lessons(M /F, nc, humiliation, coercion) ===================================================== By cimmerian retaliator Based on the unfinished story Janet's Hard Lessons by criminal Dawson, this is a tale containing themes of non-consensual sex where attractive women, righteous or otherwise, are displace into circumstances wherever they are confiscated asset of by men.

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