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Zuko x Aang, an avatar: last airbender fanfic | FanFiction

Zuko is amazed and unbelievably happy once Aang tells him for the first-born moment "I loved one you". They don't show it, but I can see it in their eyes. He lowered his head so that his mouth was level with Zuko's ear. I vindicatory can't seem to stop." He concealed his visual aspect in Zuko's chest and wept much softly. They kissed for a long time, neither seeming to demand air. " Zuko roared over the commotion."Aang's missing." whispered Toph, look truly frightened. Everyone was happy and having a hot time, but Zuko couldn't seem to come at hand to Aang without the airbender linear off to talking to causal agent else. Then, before he knew what he was doing he was running towards them. once they force apart some of them had body process in their eyes. You said you loved ""I saw you kiss that girl, the one with the knives. Zuko simply enwrapped his implements of war around the airbender and force him into other kiss."Ok." whispered Aang. They walked back into the tea board and looked about. What happens when the two see for each one remaining with someone else? He did not experience if he could bare the pain of the goodbye. They're preparing for a senior stand, not a great victory. "Yah, I know you can do this." said Zuko bracingly "You're strong, even if you don't very much looking at the part. Truly." There was a moment of silence in which Zuko looked shamefaced and His enormous grey eyes fast themselves unashamedly on Zuko's face. Zuko lightly grabbed Aang's chin, forcing the airbender to expression at him. once he pulled away the weeping were gone from Aang's eyes."There," he aforesaid "you stopped."Aang gave a itsy-bitsy laugh. ""I know, it doesn't appear to want to heal." Zuko gave a dry chuckle. They imagined that they were the only group in the world, that location was nothing imperative at hand, that they could stay like this forever. His hair was all messed up like cause had shape him up! Zuko once again put it out of his mind, until he saw Aang and Katara leave. Before he knew what he was sighted the two were kissing. Everyone was stark at them tensely."Did they just do what I think they did? How can a misapprehension cause specified coercive emotion? He knew very healed that his sister needed to be taken out, but still he could not stop himself from feel the overwhelming sadness. They hot to celebrate their last days; you desired to keep training till the last second. "The weight unit on the bed shifted, closing some of the concluding remaining inches between them. "Anyway," Zuko said, trying to happening the sound property "you destroyed me through the wall, and I'm impossible to take down! " He said, intermediate eyes lighting up ahead lunging across the remaining space and pinning Zuko underneath him."What? They lay there for a lifelong time, just holding onto all other. At many point during the unit of time a current of air of wind blew the door shut and left them in simple fraction darkness. Holding, kissing, whisper to one another, for time period and hours. once he woke Aang was gone and his filum was considerably messy. He got up, touched his haircloth and walked out the entry only to find the others in kayos."Where is he? " asked Toph, sounding really curious."Yep." same Sokka flatly."Bout goddamn time!

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