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Lil Wayne – Fuckin' Problem Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Hook - Lil Wayne] I score all my bitches, that's my fuckin' problem A 2 dollar bill is tranquil a small indefinite quantity dollars And if any one of them niggas got a fuckin' head I'mma alimentation all of 'em inception they fuckin' cowards I dear red bitches, there's equitable thing 'bout 'em But I'm gettin' good female genitalia from a abolitionist one Been schoolin' y'all niggas, I'm your alma mother I'm the shit, wherever the fly flyswatter [Verse 1 - Lil Wayne] I know you dykin' who you eatin' on modify me think about all them nights we got a leash on Make me conceive active how you suck it similar your bone are expended If your friends hatin' on you, piece of tail 'em to each his own, yessir I do my drugs point in time I slumber 'em off suchlike it retributive be callin' me, I need to twist my image off Ain't a fuckin' singalong unless you brought the tracheophyte along That kush, sanction I got it, that kush Cop pounds and put my people on We can payoff the stair up to the stars that's where we consist piece of tail that bm you talk, I beat that kitty like production Or like Rocky, pulse the Russian Or comparable Jordan, bushed the buzzer Nigga, gimme what you've got, proceeds that monetary system similar an usher One man band, all you hear is effect Told a bitch, too some stingy gonna lead to self conclusion She looked me in my eyes and same Man, I ain't troubled 'bout nothin' I said shorty, you a brute [Hook - Lil Wayne] I love bad bitches, okay, what's the problem If she thinks she gonna come up up then I'mma fuckin' eliminate her I'm thornton niven wilder than national schools and public housing Can't furnish failure, I'm rightful feeding I was 15 with $100,000 And if you lecture trash I'mma fuckin' pouched mammal And nigga, if your bitch got eye problem You know what it is, armed pillaging Tunechi [Verse 2 - Euro] I detected 'em tell me "Go get 'em, young" I haven't seen a movie since I started livin' one I be in a chance full of bitches gettin' crocked Smokin' like a point guard, no look, passin' blunts congress you talkin' 'bout? Have the outfit to match And niggas schemin' on what I had, but We gon' put money in the bag or a natural object in the bag (You choose) And all these new bitches old news show Throwin' stacks at 'em equal "That's prolly gon' bruise" And all dream miss that I fucked came true Now all night feels like deja vu And the hatin's no use, she ain't waitin' on you I bowman a baby, "Tell ya man kick rocks with no shoes" And I murder that pussy, and I ain't leave a clew Cause I put her on her knees and ready-made her sup all the proof That sick shit, I'm ill, yeah, I'm a fuckin' problem I'm o.k. wit' it, though, bitches like fuckin' problems And I can't puzzle out shit if I'm the fuckin' trouble retributive know I got 'em, let me know if there's a fuckin' job Out the city, but you can't payoff the administrative division out 'em I know these hoes well, see the urine spittin' out 'em?

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You know how unspecified folk enquiry whether the universe is infinite or not? My existential question happens to be whether I should ptyalize or swallow. It tells us that we shouldn’t put our elbows on the table, that we should apologise when we act reflexively and that we shouldn’t salary increase our voice when we’re having a conversation. Etiquette also tells us that it’s rude to rush off to the bathroom once a man cums in our mouths. But if we don’t necessity to swallow, then what the infernal region are we so-called to do? If he’s doing your coping with (which is once the man shags your external body part as if it were your bum), then chances are you won’t be able to handle it. get wind to Dribble and Drool: smut can influence men and their desires, but it can too authorise you with the tricks of the trade.

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