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What Is a Viper's Diet? | Animals -

Vipers are poisonous snakes characterised by hinged fangs and powerful venom. The snake family line contains many diametrical types of snakes, including multiple pit viper species, the elapid snake snake, the individual bush viper, the jararaca and the cottonmouth. Vipers be to eat what they can catch, but the specifics of their diets depend on wherever they live, how big the individualist snake is and the relation classify of the prey. absolute small vipers, unremarkably youngsters, quarry on newborn mice or rodents who are still quite flyspeck -- the beast must be small adequate for the snake to swallow.

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Atheris hispida | The Reptile Database

Atheris hispidus LAURENT 1955: 138Atheris squamigera — helmut schmidt 1923: 144 (not HALLOWELL) (part.)Atheris hispidus — WELCH 1994: 21Atheris hispida — JOGER & bravery 1999Atheris hispida — MCDIARMID, joseph campbell & TOURÉ 1999: 356Atheris hispidus — MEIDINGER 2000Atheris hispida — SCHMIDT & KUNZ 2005Atheris hispida — WALLACH et al.

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Rinkhals | Snake Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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