Abraham lincoln was gay

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Was Lincoln Gay? - NYTimes.com

Still, obsession can conceive thing that have been unnoticed by fewer fevered minds. Since the extra president sometimes thought to have been gay is the misfortunate James Buchanan, what gay reformist wouldn't demand to trade up to Lincoln? He drags in references to king Kinsey (with whom he when worked) to give his arguments a (spurious) scientific sheen. He is, nearly famously, the author of ''The Homosexual Matrix.'' Published in 1975, it was a document of gay liberation.

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GayHeroes.com: Was Lincoln Gay?

On the other hand, while I might, barely, ingestion that men slept unitedly on the branch of knowledge because on that point was a shortage of beds, I don't think there was a inadequacy of beds IN THE WHITE HOUSE. Tripp surveys sevener of Lincoln's relationships, four with men and three with women, as well as two episodes from his first life. Relying on Lincoln's law associate and earlier biographer, William Herndon, Tripp decides that chief executive reached time of life once he was 9 period old. Still, fixation can detect thing that have been overlooked by less fevered minds. Since the other president sometimes opinion to have been gay is the miserable James Buchanan, what gay activist wouldn't requirement to interchange up to Lincoln?

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C. A. Tripp's Book Asserts Abraham Lincoln was Gay

However, the controversy encompassing the production overshadowed an consequential concept that Tripp discovered -- a information even his harshest critics accept as apodictic -- Ann Rutledge was not the love of Lincoln's life. Tripps makes the lawsuit that Abraham Lincoln was so gay and had several homophile relationships end-to-end his life. Tripp's extensive new look into proves it merely could not feature been the case.

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