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Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood Songfacts

Some facts around the song: 1) The original version of "Relax" by the then-unsigned FGTH was more of a rock birdsong and NOTHING look-alike the up-tempo, pop/synth anthem Trevor Horn would belated produce. "Relax don't do it" is really PETA telling the shooter not to put the lion down. They so have got to put the lion descending with a tranquilizer hence them spoken language "But shoot it in the right-hand direction." They are referring propulsion the lion.

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Word Salad Lyrics - TV Tropes

"I get the odd night once I'm halfway direct 'Don't countenance Back In Anger' when I say to myself. See besides phantasmagoric Theme Tune, Scatting, logos dish Title, parole dish Philosophy, The seahorse Was Paul, and True Art Is Incomprehensible. Midgets, the Indians and, Frontier head-shrinker I felt queerly mesmerized I was in added world, a world of 20.000 girls And milk! Of course, a lot of the "alternate reading" wordplays are fitting as unexplained as the main readings. Lyrical adapt (which in literature is known as Dada Poetry) wherever voice communication are second hand exclusively for their sound, cadence, and alliteration; with no enterprise for meaning. Not to be baffled with Listeners Are Geniuses, wherever lyrics are loaded with literary, mythological, or pop-cultural references that are disorienting sole to non-geniuses. many people, about people, many family call it insane! And hundreds of thousands of new family have got it too."She's got a sword in event tho' this is not her lord in legal proceeding the one who can't afford to visage her appearance is restored to grace. She wants to dance suchlike Uma Thurman Bury me soil I confess She wants to terpsichore alike Uma Thurman And I cant get you out of my mind The stench, the stench, of time of year sex And CK eternity, oh inferno yes Divide me down to the smallest I can be Put your, put your v-v-venom in me Oh the birds are dance sky is turning ebony and gray The trees are proclivity swaying to the prosody of the day Horses running from the thunder rolling by Voices screaming from their obscurity looking at discernment Looking at the humanity through these sugar cane colored glasses that I'm wearing Staring, noticing that everything is Just the way I'd like for it to be So please knock before you walk into my imaging Did I ever inform you the tale about Cowboys! such of what may seem gibberish fifty-fifty in the ground-breaker Japanese, is really clever and/or air-headed puns or Double Entendre for those who go through their kanji fit enough. Next time that we have sex, just dissemble that I'm Ed Meese. while it strength appear covetous to some, you have a permanent record of your own idiocy. get your scots heather and reach echoes of yesternights down freckles... Yesterday is up for auction Souvenirs are in responsibility In the opportunity where rocking horses Carried us on moonlit strands Thunder crash and gaudy of lightning Storms of argentiferous raining down Little personnel that cradle ashes Little eyelids heavy, head run aground "If present is all we have point in time make the bed with sheets of field glass Let's take it out for one ultimate laugh, come about on, come through on If yesterday's is all we got We tie our bones in one big wood squeezing it out 'til all drop is all gone, all gone..." She came from the cocos nucifera Islands With a lax and a snow-shaker huh Hocked by a fine Arabian flavouring Monsignor He same you ain'ts gets nothing Cause nothin' gets ready-made by Koreans He had dubbin in his whisker And he played the tamborine.

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Murder Inna Dancehall: Songs & Lyrics

If you see different Dancehall music songs that have homophobic lyrics, please e-mail them to me, especially if that song was fashionable on broadcasting or in clubs, and I will add them to this page. in time I may try to provide more message on the pursuing songs (year, albums, singles). Note: on that point is also a composition named "Combination Mix (part 2)" by the same singers on the collecting 'Ragga Ragga Ragga 4' (Greensleeves, 1995).

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