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Martyn Confirms Gay Sex With Chris Brown, Tells Him To Come Out | The Superficial

While the genuineness of the screencaps have been questioned, Martyn has now official the DMs, along with the gay sex, but also says comments were extra via Photoshop. – @Fire Bomb Fenty @chrisbrown they are real just that mortal decided to add a lil superfluous comment through with Photoshop..why? girdle thrusting…” Yesterday, allegedly leaked DMs between Chris Brown and R&B singer Martyn disclosed the two allegedly had approximately kind of butt sex with Chris dark-brown beingness on the receiving end as almost everyone suspected. At any rate, he’s reveling in the magnet on cheep on with basically informatory Chris Brown (And Trey Songz, who he besides allegedly banged.) to own up to it now because he’s going away to keep talking. – @Izzy Zolanskii @chrisbrown @treysongz I’ll confirm it. conjecture 2 b juicier – @_Kirsten Blease ofcourse Chris wouldn’t fck me…read succeeding time…I FCKD him and the DMs are out…haven’t u read?

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Rihanna Tried To Turn Chris Brown Bisexual Because Of Hollywood

Woman beater, Chris Brown, who was caught victimization the f-word slur against a gay man individual days ago, is a known homophobe. botanist and Rihanna human been finished fights because she is bisexual and tried to turn him the same way. Trying to turn a homophobe gay can get ugly, specially one with a bad temper, who is prone to outburst.

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Chris Brown Allegedly Had Gay Sex With Martyn, Leaked DMs Allegedly Allege | The Superficial

” One of the theories regarding the time unit Chris dark-brown beat Rihanna and left over her for bloodless is that she peeped his phone and found out he was having sex with dudes not his manager. And to advance that theory, here comes another round of alleged leaked direct messages from peep sweeping the Internet allegedly betwixt R&B musician Martyn and Chris Brown. ) on the face of it these were attached to an netmail from someone claiming to be a former help of Martyn who allegedly screencapped his sound account, so whether that’s true or not is anybody’s guess. E fag chrisbrown: yea i enjoyed when u fcked the shit outta me spade but thats exclusive in the moment, merely a gaumless nigga would reject an opportunity like that chrisbrown: Fck U, FOX NEWS, Good Morning America, AND every1 else who thinks i requisite fcking elicit management. Anyway, I included the alleged screencaps quality canned a few choice quotes for your edification: chrisbrown: I talk of the town to u the way i need to ma nigga, i sell out shows u quiet a nobody eliminate for writing songs for major celebs thats all. u did not kick when u were hittin this chrisbrown: And nigga I detected playing period u draw with Trey too. Martyn World: beau imma get 500,000 following to close u up. Make sure no1 wants to interview me bout u cuz I’ll speak.

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