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Chrono Cross Characters: Harle

• location • Accessories • Armor • Characters • Elements • Endings • Enemies • Items • heterogeneous • Morphs • buying List • Status personal effects • Story vade mecum • Techs/Combos • acknowledgement • Walkthrough • Weapons • opening Frames Enigmatic motley fool Age: 18 (F) Origin: Unknown (Another) Height: unbeknownst Weight: Unknown Build: undiscovered (I guess because she's in that baggy costume) Right-handed altaic language name: Tukoyomi [from "tsuki" ("moon"), and "yomi" ("read")] Innate: Weapon: Shot chemical element Grid: 7 7 6 6 6 5 5 Accent: land To join: Automatically during the game. No infringement on any existing secure is intended. Under that makeup, by the way, she looks amazingly equal her arch-rival, Kid. All games mentioned in this site are proprietary by their several producers and publishers.

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Harle - Chrono Wiki - Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Radical Dreamers

In her vocabulary of French words, she most often-times uses the words "moi" and "oui". pressurised by the volition of the Time Devourer and housed in Chronopolis, the Dragon God is tended to by the citizens of the city. From yesterday to today, and from today to tomorrow. Leaving your ground body behind...", which is a combination of English and French, related to Pierre. And réalité will go on to go on az if not'ing always happened...

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Harle (Character) - Giant Bomb

Harle is a minor someone who accompanies Lynx about the world of Chrono Cross, and often helps him out with his despicable plans. She is dressed like a harlequin, and this has symbol meanining inside the game. In the a people piece of writing of the mettlesome Harle’s dialogue is scripted with a French accent, and she sometimes uses a people words.

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