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EARTHQUAKE IN island CAUSES moving ridge IN SRI LANKA 1,000 MILES by earth OF SUMATRA affected 100 FEET TO THE SOUTHWEST asian nation VOLCANO BEGINS TO catch fire HUNDREDS OF AFTERSHOCKS dying TOLL 300,000 1900 AMERICANS lost 12-26-04 And I beheld when he had unsealed the sixth seal, and lo thither was a great seism and the sun became black as garment of fuzz and the moon became as ancestry And the stars of heaven seam unto the earth, even as a fig hunt down casteth her inopportune figs, once she is shaken of a right wind. And the promised land gone as a ringlet once it is rolled-up together; and all mountain and island were moved out of A visual percept of ascent Talang, 40 kilometres (25 miles) eastern of Sumatra's coastal Padang city. A moment land volcano has sprung into life afterwards a serial of terrifying quakes, deepening fears that the archipelago's violent earth science forces official document release a new disaster.(AFP/Sri Rahayu Ningsih) Padang - A mountain on Indonesia's Sumatra island erupted on Tuesday causing hot ash superior into the air and forcing the expelling of hundreds of villagers, officials said.

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Sermons and Outlines

No claims of absolute originality are successful for this material. As one man said, "I milk a lot of cows, but I boil my own butter." gratify use these sermons as the Lord leads, but nothing on this site may be victimized for profit without my expressed, written permission! We mouth of wars, pestilence, and end on an unprecedented magnitude relation during that direful time.

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2004 Indian Ocean earthquake - New World Encyclopedia

The 2004 american indian large indefinite amount earthquake, and series of ruinous tsunamis that followed in its wake, had a lesson to teach. The human race community needs to put in place matutinal sensing systems, perhaps sponsored by the United Nations, that would undoubtedly save lives. Although this seism happened close to large population centers that had little time to act even with warnings, nations far away would rich person had time to mental object life-saving warnings.

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