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Do you consider double vaginal penetration gay? - GirlsAskGuys

Im into MFM threesomes with DP (double penetration) or DV (double vaginal penetration) What truns me on about it is stretching a class out so to speak.. I've tried DP with a friends with benefits and a friend and it was a lot of fun and the female child in truth enjoyed it. I think its also hot once a woman is taking on solon than one penis. My theme is do most people consider it bi or gay? This girl also same she wanted to do it over again but try multiple channel in the future.

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What Is the Shocker - How to Do Double Digital Penetration

You may get heard of the more rhetorical description of this term: “two in the pink, one in the stink.” In patent language, it’s a sex act once soul sticks their pointer and middle fingers part a woman’s vagina, and then “surprises” her with a pinky seek in her anus — hence, the shocker. Meanwhile, the hoop finger is folded down and out of the way. According to Casey Calvert, a creative activity star and the BDSM and fetish skillful for unfit Link, it’s not an act that’s especially enjoyable for most women. “It’s a thing that frat boys do because they guess it’s funny,” she says.

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