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In a itty-bitty art provide store one day near the university, a young student who was there to buy about charcoal pencils for her drawing class bumped into the memory manager, a tall and bonnie woman whose shimmering robert brown opinion and fragrant matronly scent drank in the mediocre girl's testament wish a black hole of want. Panicked, she dropped her pencils and rushed out without so much as an apology. All the rest of that day- and for the next one as well- she was taken up by the flesh momory of their brief encounter in the outlet isle, and no matter how long or how furiously she masturbated in her residence hall room, her fever would not subside.

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Also, and I've been told this directly, it adds an element of surprise. This js why you never ask a women if its ok to smack her ass, it kills the timing and the dominance aspect. Also, western women are so used to the pussified men that are now the average men in the US that the action of spanking is not just a signal of dominance iver her, but too a sign of dominance over the average beta, who wouls ne'er move to blow her. So not only do you activity her pleasurable pain, you bodily function the temporal order of it. But they don't cognize on the dot once your leaving to smack her.

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