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For way to our kinship group of websites please follow the simplex direction below. You intent wealthy person access to ALL the content of Gourmet Girls Mag, Feet Meat & Erotic be websites. ALL ternion website content now exists in ONE gallery! Get a vast mixture of peril art, illustrations and animations all in one gallery. If you are NOT doomed about what this all about, PLEASE EMAIL US early before joining.

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Here's an odd psychological phenomenon that should make women uneasy: Some men get titillating thrills from visual modality individual childly females killed, shot, stabbed, cut by spears and arrows, etc. A unmistakably astronomic Internet industry has arisen to suffice this craving. mountain of Web sites moving picture thousands of professional-grade videos and pictures of attractive women gunned down in showers, perforate in knife attacks, hanged from rafters, run direct in brand duels, strangled in bed, shot by snipers while sunbathing, impaled on stakes, machine-gunned in groups, sacrificed on altars, electrocuted by wires to nipples, harpooned by fishgig guns, executed by ignition squads, bayoneted as POWs -- you folk it.

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Bor specializes in execution art with a significant number of hanging drawings | FALart

In BDSM art like the beautiful drawings that Bor creates you can do so and do it well. He specializes in what’s called execution art and piece it’s fair brutal it’s besides irresistible. It will entreaty to the darkness in you and present it in a identical actual way.

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