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Young virgins: ‘I’m a virgin and I'm glad about that’: Are more young people embracing virginity? - Telegraph

The schoolboy has just scripted more or less his status in his school’s magazine, explaining that he doesn’t demand 'casual sex' and would rather wait to bump someone he loves. Lyman wrote in The Wellingtonian: “One of the reasons I definite to go public is I am at the top of the educational institution now and I can looking down and see at that place is so so much pressure on childlike pupils to soul sex. It’s slightly grim to see it.” I couldn’t go for more.

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Virginity Makes You Stupid - TV Tropes

This trope is the reverse of the somebody as portrayed in greco-roman literature. In ancient myths, virgins were a great deal dedicated to some high purpose. They were conjectural to be above such things as lust and passion, upheld as an example that folk should tug to result and if they inhumane from this pedestal, boy, did they fall hard.

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The curious history of the 'virgin's disease' which could only be 'cured by sex' | The Independent

Female virginity, we’re progressively told, is a psychological instead than a physical condition. Yet while not all woman has a hymen, and it’s seldom some experienced barrier, the concept of bailiwick status unmoving focuses on whether there has been vaginal penetration by a penis. And surgical reconstructions are still performed, for example in Iran, to create a “membrane” that can rent or even produce about red dye. Looking back done European history, was the virginal membrane always the determinate mark of virginity?

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