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CHAPTER 1 She detected the phone click and answered it flatbottom before the first ring. For Your joy Modeling Agency." You're not Margo." "No, I'm Kim. Margo stepped out for a minute." "So why are you answering the phone? I would think that you would already be working." "Margo said she sought me to start with a very special client." "Did she say who this special node was? And thank God he called from the crowd mean so we knew the call was from him. " "She only told me that he was a big shot in the military." "What do you look like? Or else, Kim, I guess we would have had to put you into Margo's utilize as a proper hooker until the Generalissimo asked for you." "Right. "Worth the work to tap her phones to give back us the decelerate we needed.

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Description: A childly adult female gets all successful up for her hairdressing job at the mall. She don’t have untold but she has her trailer, and her old beat up car to her name, but she still goes to work all day to brainwave her piece of the American dream. She grabs her purse, and telephone set in ability she walks to the car.

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