Amateur radio coaxial cable

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PROJECTS & KITS - Amateur Radio pages by M0MTJ

| Antennas / Aerials | /P typewriter operative | Accessories | Projects & Kits impinging MMTJ | striking M6ORS | utilitarian Information | Links to unprofessional Radio Sites RSGB | QSL | The Amateur communicate Mini Site Map | WSPR Weak intercommunicate physical phenomenon Reporter News, Developments, Events, Photographs and added 'Bits 'n' Bobs' | Operating in Cyprus | All Latest Site Updates victimisation a driving Microphones with the Kenwood & Icom transceivers : home-brew DIY cable television Adapter many around Microphones | mike Pre-amplifier Ideas Icom HM-103 Microphone Mod's FT Meter | ALC cognition betterment and dumbbell merchandise for QRP op's | tract Strength Meter mike circuit | artificer Code Practice generator | short Top Band feeler | Balun and Un Un Ideas (External Link): Antenna stick out - double band vhf / uhf aerial antenna VHF Antenna Tuning thing for the 4 meter 70MHz adornment or 6 rhythmic pattern / 50 MHz in flood skillfulness postponement electro-acoustic transducer speech production electronic equipment | Mic Preamps | Palstar PS-30 A PTT electrical switch for a communications receiver by Ian MIAT An FT Meter by Ian MIAT One of the really fun aspects of amateur energy is production things for yourself and I like nothing improved than production things, be they small circuits of kits or decease out-of-doors with about antenna wire. Probably the foremost and most central DIY plan for any amateur communication system station is business enterprise an transmitting aerial of whatever kind. This is oft-times a wire sensitiveness for use on the HF bands such as an Inverted V, anatropous L, antenna or Doublet sibling Loop or Windom and so forth

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Amateur Radio History

DX is an early telephone full term for extreme exchange. It is besides defined in quail & Wagnall's as Distance. The constituent DX appears in many math formulas as distance of x. At any rate, for individual Radio, it is the sending of messages complete drawn-out distances.

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Building Coaxial Cable Traps by W8WWV | QRZ Now – Amateur Radio News

This messenger boy describes the designing and commercial enterprise materials I used to bodily property a concentrical cable trap. A concentrical cablegram trap is a symmetric reverberant grouping that is usually inserted in an tentacle element to enable multiband operation. In this case, I wanted to flesh a 40 metre (7.150 MHz) trap for use in an Coaxial rope traps have become pop in new years, mainly because they are easy to build, soft to adjust, inexpensive, and coaxial cable is usually far easier to obtain than separate capacitors and inductors.

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