Amateur radio digital stream

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Introducing EchoLink

Software allows licensed amateurish radio communication position to covenant with one another terminated the Internet, mistreatment streaming-audio technology. The program allows worldwide connections to be successful between stations, or from figurer to station, greatly enhancing recreational Radio's communications capabilities. location are more than 200,000 validated users worldwide — in 151 of the world's 193 nations — with approximately 6,000 online at any relinquished time. It is offered clear of charge and may be downloaded here .

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Digital and the internet: Is it even radio, or not?

Angelo Racoma (@N2RAC / DW1ZDK) yearning and purism may be gaffer reasons for a ostensible resistance to new digital modes, but I think the smell of amateurish radio calls for us to be explorers, wherein digital is just another frontier. In one of my past articles or so individual radio, I mentioned that digital modulations are not yet thing I was curious in. I got the possibility to acquire a Yaesu FT2DR at a very goodish deal, and I’ve been since bitten by the digital bug. I’m now experimenting with WIRES-X, the FCS reflector network, hotspots, and else things cognate to C4FM.

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Shut Up and Say Something: Amateur Radio Digital Modes | Hackaday

In a recent article, I lamented my distaste for carrying on the creation amateur radio spoken communication — calling CQ, having someone from far away or around the assemblage call back, work vociferation signs and intercommunicate reports and mayhap a few pleasantries. I conceive the idle chit-chat is a big turn-off to a lot of folk who would other be interested in the World’s Greatest Hobby™, but thankfully there are hatful of ways for the mic-shy to get on the air. So as a public service I’d look-alike to go terminated whatsoever of the many digital modes amateur radio offers as a way to avoid speaking while unruffled communicating. The number between the two terms is more often than not not distinguished to our discussion, though, and in training a lot of hams use the cost interchangeably.

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